grunhopper Junior

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Babyrabbit feed with pleasant-smelling herbs and grasses. Perfect for optimal conversion from breast milk to coarse fodder.

  • coarse, natural structure food for babyrabbits up to sixteen weeks of age
  • cold-pressed linseed oil ensuring shiny coat
  • parsley and oregano have a detoxifying, cleansing and disinfectant effect on gastrointestinal tract as well as support appetite and digestion
  • marigolds have anti-inflammatory effects and combat bacteria and fungi
  • free from molasses, wheat and artificial additives


meadow herbs, parsley, barley flakes, carob, carrots, dandelion, mulberry, marigold, roses, oregano, parsnip, dandelion root, licorice, marshmallow, quinoa, buckwheat, parsley seeds, milk thistle seeds, sesame, oak bark, fennel seeds

feeding recommendation: 40g per 1kg rabbit weight

compound food for pets

Inhalt: 850,00 g
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