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grunhopper Adult
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grunhopper adult is an innovative structure food for a natural rabbit nutrition. With a unique blend of bark, root and wild herbs, you can easily provide your rabbit the best nutrition.

  • grain-free, species-rich structure food
  • with a unique blend of bark, root and wild herbs
  • this primordial nutrition prevents overweight, supports tooth abrasion and a healthy intestine
  • without wheat, sugar, pressed ingredients or artificial additives


meadow herbs, parsley, pea flakes, carob, mulberries leaves, nettles leaves, carrots, alfalfa, cornflowers, parsnip, dandelion root, licorice, marshmallow root, oak bark, rosemary, fennel seeds, linseed oil, willow leaves, red clover

compound food for pets

feeding recommendation: 20-30g per 1kg rabbit weight


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5 von 5 its their favourite

This is my rabbits favourite food. They love it.

., 30.03.2019
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