grunhopper bunfun

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One of the most exciting snacks hiding place: our gunnysack full of delicacies. Just hang the sack into the warren and pull some filling out of the holes-let’s start the search.

  • grain-free, species-rich structure food


ingredients wild flowers: parsley, pomegranate, rose blossom buds, 50g
ingredients by the roots: hay, dandelion root, wild apple, 50g
ingredients vegetable garden: parsley, pea flakes, carrot, zucchini, 80g
ingredients Eichhörnchen: dandelion leaves, hazelnuts, Hokkaido pumpkin, pumpkin seeds in the shell, 60g

feeding recommendation: 20-30g per day

compound food for pets

Inhalt: 50,00 g
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