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Digestive from our care line. If your rabbit has problems with the digestive tract digestive is exactly the right food. Selected aromatic seeds for daily feeding provide a renewed sense of well-being for all Hopplern. Acts specifically against flatulence.

  • aromatic seeds: Fennel, anise, caraway, dill
  • naturally healthy, species-rich structural feed- grain-free
  • clean feeding- feeding like in the wild
  • supports intestinal health
  • free from cereals, molasses, dyes and additives
  • a finely structured feed, as many seeds are included


Meadow herbs and grasses, parsley, dill stalks, fennel seeds, caraway, anise, flax flakes, marigolds, dill seeds, chamomile, lavender, red cornflowers

Compound feed for pets

Feeding recommendation: 40g/day/kg rabbit weight.

Inhalt: 1,00 kg
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