grunhopper guinea pig

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grunhopper Guinea Pig contains South American plants. The ideal feed for all guinea pigs which love variety. Biodiverse herbs, fresh hibiscus blossoms and vitamin C containing aronia berries, support the immune system. Domestic Jerusalem artichoke leaves and corn leaves provide a very special treat.

  • many different meadow herbs and grasses for a healthy and species-appropriate nutrition
  • aronia berries as vitamin C supplier
  • low in calcium and particularly low dried vegetables (3 %)
  • very coarse for a natural taste experience
  • rich in essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids


meadow herbs and meadow grasses, mulberry leaves, mallow, stinging nettle leaves, broadleaf plantain, hibiscus blossoms, linseed, peeled sunflower seeds, stinging nettle root, chokeberries, carrots, amaranth, Jerusalem artichoke, quinoa, corn leaves, cold-pressed linseed oil

feeding recommendation: 40g per 1kg rabbit weight

compound food for pets

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