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grunhopper mother&babyrabbit 5kg
34,99 €
7,00 € per 1 kg

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The growth phase is one of the most sensitive periods in the life of a rabbit. grunhopper mother&babyrabbit is specially designed for the nutritional needs of pregnant doe and rabbit babies (between 2-6 weeks).

  • good energy supply during pregnancy and suckling period
  • optimum support of lactation: milk stimulation by herbs and seeds
  • essential fatty acids from walnuts and linseed support the rabbit baby development in the mother?s womb
  • babies love this delicious feed
  • without parsley, wheat, pellets and other additives


stinging nettle, meadow grasses, pea flakes, linseeds, coldpressed linseed flakes, barley flakes, oats in spelled, raspberry leaves, fennel seed, rose petals, parsnips, walnuts, dandelion root, marshmallow root, oak bark, buckwheat, milk thistle seed, sesame, millet, rosemary, oregano, cold-pressed linseed oil, yarrow, hazelnut leaves, shepherd's purse

feeding recommendation: 40g per 1kg rabbit weight

compund food for pets


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