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The best rabbit nutrition
What is Fresh Green?
We recommend to feed at least one ration (80p per kg rabbit weight) fresh green daily.
You can feed without concerns: meadow herbs – for example grasses, dandelion, plantain, daisies, chamomile, vetches, clover, shepherd´s purse, marigold blossoms, yarrow, cow parsnip
fresh leaves – for example apple leaves, pear leaves, cherry leaves, hazelnut leaves, blackberry leaves
If there is no meadow available, you can use many green vegetables:
lamb´s lettuce, kale, spinach, cabbage, fennel, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, endive, kohlrabi, chard, radish leaves, carrot leaves
Tip: So that the bowel not being unevenly loaded, you should distribute the feed throughout the day.


  • protruding spine and ribs
  • lethargy
  • sunken flanks


  • ribs palpable with slight pressure
  • back is fixed


  • rips and shoulder blades rarely palpable
  • severe fat pads on the belly
  • lethargy
grunhopper feeding recommendation per kg weight

grunhopper Adult

feeding recommendation: 20-30g

grunhopper Purgrun

feeding recommondation: 30-35g

grunhopper Junior

feeding recommondation: 40g

grunhopper Winter

feeding recommondation: 30-35g

grunhopper Kraut und Ruben

feeding recommondation: 30g

grunhopper Urgetreide

feeding recommondation: 30g

grunhopper feeding plan
❶ structure food

❷ fresh green

❸ hay and straw

❹ natural snacks

❺ water